Jun 152014
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Being my “favorite helper” has become a part-time job for Bubbles. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, she wants to be right there with me. Which is fine with me!

One of her favorite ways to help is in the kitchen. Anything she can stir, pour, shake, roll, whatever – she wants to help do it. So when HABA offered to send over some of their adorable silicone molds for us to play with, I couldn’t say no.

Summer-Themed HABA Silicone Molds: Cake, Cupcakes, Popsicles, Ice Cubes

Bubbles practically squealed with delight when they showed up. Some of her favorite shapes were represented: princess crowns, flowers, sea creatures, and more. She immediately started giving me her suggestions on what we could make, including cakes, popsicles, maybe even molded ice cream.

Fun-Shaped Cupcakes are Easy with HABA Silicone Molds

What I love the most about silicone molds is that you can get such a clear image from them. You don’t even need cooking spray, though I used a little just to be sure. We made cupcakes first, and they turned out so pretty, that I only frosted a few of them and kept the rest plain.

HABA Silicone Molds for Cupcakes and More

A few days later, the reading on the thermometer was ticking up past 90, so we decide to make some popsicles.  You can check out my banana vanilla popsicle recipe to see one kind that we made.  We also made some with lemonade that were yummy.

We also received some ice cube trays.  I filled them with a couple different kinds of Bubbles’ favorite juices for something fun to add to our water this summer.  When they melt you’ll get a little bit of flavor and some color swirls, which Bubbles thought was fun.

HAHA Octopus Popsicle Silicone Molds

I see us getting a lot of use from these fun molds this summer.  So many great recipes to try out!  Check out all of HABA‘s other offerings, too; they have so many cute items.

Which of the silicone molds is your favorite?

I received HABA silicone molds in order to facilitate my review. All words and opinions are my own.

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