May 272014
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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Swapdom. All words and opinions are my own.

While I started spring cleaning back in February or March, it’s a process that seems to always run into the start of summer.  The general deep cleaning and refreshing is completed, but there are still the random odds and ends you haven’t decided what to do with.  And of course, there are the clothes.

Culling through our spring clothes to decide what we need for summer is usually the last item on my list.  Mostly because Bubbles still grows fast enough that, depending on the brand, you’re never really sure what’s still going to fit two weeks down the road.  So I usually find myself waiting until I realize she only has one pair of shorts or a closet full of long-sleeved shirts on an 80 degree day, and finally make the switch.

Swap Out Outgrown or Unwanted Clothes, Toys & Housewares with Swapdom

What always makes me sad about this process is that Bubbles is not really a rough-and-tumble kid.  Her clothes stay in great shape, she just outgrows them too fast to wear for very long.  This year I even specifically purchased a more “laid back” Easter dress so that she could at least wear it to Ashley and Austin’s graduations and I’d feel less bad about buying something worn three times versus just once.

Upload a Photo of What you Want to Swap on Swapdom

To help with the cost (and volume) of emptying and re-filling her closet this season, I decided to check out the new swapping service called Swapdom.  With Swapdom you can list items that you no longer need or want.  Whether it’s women’s or kid’s clothing or toys or even housewares, just snap a picture and upload it with a description to the site.

Search Swapdom for What You Want and Trade What You Don't Need

So what do you get in return?  Well, whatever you want, really.  Just search through all the listed swaps (you can sort by all kinds of categories) and tell Swapdom what you’d like.  They’ll use their behind-the-scenes magic to pair you with someone who wants what you have.  Even if that means that you trade with person B, and person B trade with person C, and person C trades with you – everyone will get something they want.

How Swapdom Works

With Swapdom it’s even free to list your items.  You just pay the shipping & handling for the item, which includes a small processing fee from Swapdom (not to exceed $2).  It’s like one of those home trading parties without all the work!  You can even earn prizes, like Amazon and Etsy gift cards, by uploading items and completing swaps.

Head over and check out my swaps and list some of your own!

What will you trade on Swapdom?

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