May 052014
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By now you likely know that for the last year or so my family has been using Walmart Family Mobile cell service.  We originally decided to try it out because of the low cost (which is now just $39.88 per month) for the unlimited talk, text and web.  With as much as we call and text back home, and with as much as I need to be connected on the go because of blogging, it just made financial sense.

Walmart #FamilyMobile Unlimited Talk Text and Web for $39.88 #shop

Last fall I shared that before we left to visit my family in Maine, we added a line to our plan and surprised my Mom with a phone.  She already called often to talk to Bubbles, and she’s even learned to text since then.  The data plan isn’t something she really uses, and if you find yourself in the same boat there is now also the option to get unlimited talk and text – without the data – for only $29.88 per month.  I love when companies give customers exactly what they want.

Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation Gift Ideas: The Gift of Unlimited Talk Text and Web from Walmart #FamilyMobile #shop

With Ashley graduating from college in a couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about what to do for graduation gifts.  She already has a cell phone, but it’s an expense that she’ll need to take on for herself  now that she’ll be “out on her own”.  I think that setting her up with a new phone and prepaying a few months of Unlimited Talk Text and Data would be good for her.

College Graduation Gift Ideas: Cell Phone Accessories #FamilyMobile #shop

I’d much rather see her paying about $40/month than what she’d pay with other services, and no worries about surprises in her bill for how much she checks Facebook or texts home (yes, I’m going to pretend that it will be us she texts and not her friends).  She can even pay her account online.  Bubbles and I popped in to Walmart over the weekend to see what kind of cell phone accessories we could find.  I thought we can package the phone, accessories, and a note about her covered service and make a cute little graduation gift basket.

Reservations on the Go with Walmart #FamilyMobile Unlimited Talk Text and Web #shop

Since we have unlimited web, I can use my own phone for making our arrangements to attend graduation.  It’s actually be really helpful, because the last time the family was all together we decided to try and all stay at the same hotel.  I was able to pull out my phone and check around for a place with reservations for all of us so we could cement our plans on the spot.

Navigation Made Easy with #FamilyMobile Unlimited Talk Text and Web #shop

While we’re at graduation I’m sure I’ll be using my unlimited web for another reason: directions.  There are a lot of one-way streets near the Western Kentucky University campus, and it can be a little confusing to find your way around.  Being able to whip out my phone and pull up a map or GPS will be extremely convenient.

To whom would you give the gift of unlimited talk text and web?

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  1. Great idea to make a cell phone gift basket!

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