Apr 222014
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This Earth Day tips post is brought to you by TerraCycle and Entenmann’s. All thoughts and words are my own.

Today is Earth Day!  Did you know that Earth Day has been around since 1970, and that today, more than 192 countries celebrate it?  It’s clearly something that resonates globally.

Earth Day Tips: Turn Entemann's Little Bites Wrappers into Money & Prizes for Your School

Earth Day Tips

I have some tips from Entenmann’s that your family can incorporate today and every day!


  • Check it:  Look for numbers and recycling symbols on plastics to know what types get reused.
  • Not sure what to do with your Little Bites pouches?  Now you can recycle them with the TerraCycle Brigade programs and sign up your school if it is not already participating. Check out what other lunch items TerraCycle recycles.


  • Put your sandwich in reusable lunchbox container to take home and use again
  • Before you toss anything away, stop to think about how you might be able to use it again.  For example, TerraCycle’s team of designers makes products out of wrappers and packaging!


  • Have any leftovers from lunch?  Before you throw away, make sure to check out what biodegradable foods can be brought back home to be added to a compost pile.
  • Make compost at home!  Be sure to include the three basic ingredients: Browns (dead leaves, branches, twigs, cardboard, newspaper), Greens (grass clippings, vegetable waste, fruit scraps, coffee grounds) and Water to make an effective outdoor composting area.

The Entenmann’s Little Bites “Recycle… Reuse… Replenish” Fully Recyclable Lunch Earth Day campaign teaches kids the importance of reducing waste while earning money for their schools.  Kids can turn in Little Bites pouches and schools can redeem them for cash and points with recycling partner TerraCycle®.  Be sure to check out how you can become a team leader for your child’s school.

Earth Day Tips from Entenmann's and TerraCycle

To celebrate Earth Month and help you kick off your Enteman’s Little Bites Pouch Brigade contributions I have an awesome prize pack for you!  One winner will receive a $25 Home Depot gift card, four (4) $5 off Little Bites coupons, as well as a TerraCycle lunch sack made from recycled Entemann’s Little Bites pouches (see above)!  Giveaway closed – congrats Helga R!

What tips for celebrating Earth Day do you have?

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About Liza

Liza is a mom (5-year-old daughter, 20-year-old stepson, and 24-year-old stepdaughter) and wife living in Louisville. She loves spending time with her family, visiting the local zoo and parks, as well as planning travel adventures. Cooking and baking, DIY projects and crafts, and coffee - lots and lots of coffee - round out some of her other hobbies.

  37 Responses to “Earth Day Tips from TerraCycle and Entenmann’s”

  1. My tip is to recycle and reuse

  2. plant flowers, trees or bushes.

  3. Earth Day Tips:
    Drive your car twice a week less, save the Earth on green house emissions.
    Use water wisely. Only wash full loads of laundry and dishes. Get a low flow showerhead.
    And recyle everything you can that your city allows.

  4. Earth Day would be a good day to plant a tree

  5. I am a Property Manager and we had an electronic recycle day for our tenants today, which is Earth Day! :)

  6. We don’t really celebrate Earth Day but I think using reusable bags is a nice way to celebrate it. :)

  7. Celebrate Earth Day by planting a tree.

  8. Plant flowers and start a small garden to celebrate.

  9. I plant a tree or a bush every year.

  10. I think we all need to celebrate Earth Day every day by reducing, reusing and recycling.

  11. We recycle so many things and my nephew keeps all our soda cans and takes them every few months and will get like $50 for them. We try to do what we can, paper, plastic, aluminum, metal, etc

  12. My grandson made a cute Earth necklace and hat to celebrate Earth Day today!

  13. Well we started our garden today for Earth Day. It’s great to grow your own veggies and fruit.

  14. Maybe walk along your street or road and pick up any litter. Try not to waste water.

  15. My tip for Earth Day is to replace plastic water bottles with one of those cool glass ones that they have now with the silicone slip so they wont break if dropped….they even have small sizes for kids.

  16. we usually get our garden ready, and plant some flowers and seeds. This year, while we want to, the weather here in the Northeast just hasn’t been favorable enough to do so. Instead, we planted some seedlings here in the house and will be transplanting them to the garden later on. As far as recycling, keep things separate, glass, plastics, paper etc… in different containers, that way, curbside collection will be much easier than sorting at the last minute.

  17. My tip is to start and home with recycling and reusing and to help the community clean up parks and streets!

  18. I feel like if you really care about our planet, you celebrate every day by honoring it and recycling, reusing, and just plain outlawing all of the things that are contributing to the destruction of our planet. Today I planted a tree in honor of Earth Day.

  19. I like to recyc. we have a great recycling program where i live. i also take shorter showers and so does my family.

  20. To celebrate Earth Day, – recycle plastic, paper and aluminum don’t throw trash on the road, put in trash, if it can recycle the items, plant a new tree, get rid of plastic bottles and bags, use reusable products as much as possible

  21. I think everyone should celebrate earth day buy being more natural and not using any harsh products or chemicals that day. Everyone should get together around there home towns and recycle everything they can and clean up this earth.

  22. I suggest using a compost heap, recycle, and plant a new tree each year.

  23. My tip is to build a garden!

  24. Plant a tree to celebrate earth day!

  25. plants some veggies and flowers

  26. We planted a tree

  27. What tips do you have for celebrating Earth Day?

    bbqn all day long in the back yard

  28. We like to plant flowers and recycle everything we can.

  29. I say plant a tree. What better way to give back to the earth for providing all of our needs.

  30. Use as little electricity as possible!

  31. Celebrate Earth Day everyday

  32. We recycle all year round!

  33. I would say to give back in some way. Either start recycling if you don’t already or start using reusable shopping bags.

  34. I would plate a tree to celebrate Earth Day

  35. Clean litter in your neighborhood, gardening and recycling or reusing bags. Also gets your kids involved.

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