Apr 162014
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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Urbini. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.

When we were prepping for Bubbles’ arrival, one of the things we researched was a stroller.  I knew we wouldn’t need one right away, but when we looked at the options, I found that there were a number of “travel sets”.  A combination stroller with a car seat that could go from base in the car, to snapping into the stroller.  Very convenient!

People also encouraged me to get a travel stroller.  I kind of brushed the idea off, because the stroller that came with our set was a pretty sweet ride, and I couldn’t imagine why we’d want to use anything else.  Like needing a golf cart when you had a luxury SUV.

Urbini Hummingbird Stroller

Urbini Hummingbird Stroller #Urbini

But then I won a travel stroller and after using it a few times, especially on trips through the airport and around the mall, I realized I had been missing out!  Ours has seen a bit of wear in the past couple of years (cargo hold of airplanes = rips and stains), and I decided it was time to replace it.  And we’ve done just that with our new Urbini Hummingbird stroller.

I was worried that it wouldn’t live up to my previous lightweight stroller, but it’s actually better.  Let me cover some of my favorite features.

One-Hand Open & Close

Urbini Hummingbird Stroller One-Hand Open & Close #Urbini

A lot of strollers offer the one-hand open and close feature.  Most of them do not actually end up being a one-hand job.  This one really is!  I even used my left, non-dominant hand in the photo above so you could see just how easy it is.  Slide and squeeze, that’s it.

Ample Storage

Urbini Hummingbird Stroller Has Ample Basket Storage #Urbini

This is one area where the Urbini Hummingbird stroller completely dominates any of the other lightweight strollers I’ve researched or tried.  There is a full storage basket under the seat, and it isn’t situated in a way where when your child is sitting in the stroller that the seat drops down into the basket and hogs all the space.  I can fit my diaper bag and a couple small shopping bags under there with no problem.

Full-sized Canopy

Urbini Hummingbird Stroller has a Full-Sized Canopy #Urbini

Many strollers in this class have limited coverage.  But the umbrella on the Urbini Hummingbird Stroller pulls out quite far, and has a little lip that pulls down for extra shade.  Bubbles really loves it; she keeps pulling it down even when we’re in the mall.

It comes in four different colors (you can see all of them when you read my review on the Walmart website).  At the store we visited, they had green and pink.  While I was kind of hoping for the pink, we let Bubbles choose, and she chose green.  I think my husband was secretly pleased.

Urbini Hummingbird Stroller Has Great Features #Urbini

There are other great features, too.  The wheels, for example, twirl and move very easily.  There’s a 5-point harness for extra safety, and the entire thing weighs less than 7 pounds – and feels even lighter.  Getting it in and out of the trunk is a breeze.  It really is the best lightweight stroller I’ve used.

Where would you use an Urbini Hummingbird Stroller?

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