Mar 102014
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My love for Disney is certainly no surprise to those of you whom have been reading this blog for any length of time. I’ve loved all things Disney since I was just little, and laying eyes on Cinderella Castle for the first time simply cemented the connection for me.  The magic of Disney, the attention to detail, none of it was lost on me.

When Disney first released their collection of Vinylmations, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of them.  The small collectibles – their names derive from a combination of the words animation and vinyl – come in a variety of sizes.  They’re all shaped like Mickey Mouse but have different colors and markings to represent everything related to Disney.

Blank and Bow in Disney's "Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story" #BlankandBow

I don’t yet have much of a collection, but I do have a few special ones.  One of the Bakery series, one with the year on it, a few of the characters I really love.  I’m also looking forward to adding one that Bubbles gets to choose when we take our first Disney World trip.

Disney now has given the much-beloved collectibles their own short film, Disney “Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story”, available for free exclusively on Google Play.  It’s presented in beautiful stop-motion animation, and while not a word is spoken during the entire 38 minutes, you can’t help but be captivated by the story of Blank and Bow.  A short introduction to the film can be seen below.

Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story – Trailer on Disney Video
Blank and Bow are different in the fact that they are “blanks”, Vinylmation figures that somehow weren’t painted.  “Blanks” get rounded up to be “fixed”, but Blank and Bow don’t want their futures decided for them.  They want to be free to be themselves, to create their own paths.

Disney's "Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story" Short Film #BlankandBow

So Blank sets off to rescue Bow from being “fixed”, telling the story of friendship and acceptance in a sweet and compelling way.  Through their journey, they’re able to show that we should all be able to express ourselves in our own way.  It’s truly heart-warming.

You can share a frame from Disney’s “Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story” with friends and family.  After you send one of these digital greetings, you’ll unlock a second special film, “Cranes in Love”.

To whom will you send a “Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story” frame?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Liza is a mom (5-year-old daughter, 20-year-old stepson, and 24-year-old stepdaughter) and wife living in Louisville. She loves spending time with her family, visiting the local zoo and parks, as well as planning travel adventures. Cooking and baking, DIY projects and crafts, and coffee - lots and lots of coffee - round out some of her other hobbies.

  38 Responses to “Disney’s “Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story” Short Film”

  1. Blank and Bow sure are cute. I need to check out this series.

  2. this was such a sweet little film. I just watched it a third time today with my 4 year old. she likes to make a dialogue to go with it!

  3. So cute. We go to Disney every year and always come home with a few of those Vinylmation guys as souvenirs!

  4. I loe Disney shorts! I did not know about this, I will have to check it out. The short before Frozen, Get a Horse, blew my mind last year!

  5. I just watched blank last week! I really loved it, it was such a sweet but powerful short!

  6. This sounds amazing. I love everything Disney – can’t wait to check it out!

  7. These are adorable! I’d have to share one with one of my close friends who is a huge Disney fanatic!

  8. This looks so cute! I bet my kids would love it… and so would I! :)

  9. I LOOOOVE Disney shorts – I can’t get enough of them. This is one of my favorite – glad someone else loves it as much as I do! Thanks for sharing.

  10. As a former Disney employee, I admit Disney knows how to produce some awesome things. This is very cute.

  11. I can’t wait to see this myself. I think my daughter would really enjoy it also. We our a family of Disney lovers!

  12. I think this is just endearing and sweet. It makes me want to collect them all!

  13. I love Disney, but I never heard of vinylmation before. I would love to know more about it. :)

    • If you have a Disney Store nearby, Pauline, stop in and ask them. Ours always has some and the cast members that work there are so helpful :)

  14. This little movie looks so adorable! I can’t wait to show it to my five-year old and see his little face. So cute.

  15. I read about this the other day. It looks really cute….both my girls are big Disney fans so I’m sure they would love it.

  16. Such a sweet film, I just loved it.

  17. I would love to see some of these. My husband loves unique films like this too…I wonder if he’s heard of these?! Checking it out now…I have to show this to him!

  18. My daughter loves all things Mickey (and Minnie) so I think I would have to share this with her. It looks adorable, and of course Disney never disappoints!

  19. What a cute idea for a short movie. I have never heard of the vinylmation. I would send a Love Story frame to y hubby. He has always accepted all of my craziness and encourages me to express myself in my own wacky and unique ways.

  20. This looks so sweet. I can’t wait!

  21. Blank looks amazing. I’ve not checked it out yet. I love that after you watch it you can unlock something else.

  22. Blank looks adorable! We are huge Disney fans in our house, and we really love their vinylmations!

  23. I’ve never heard of Vinylmation before, how awesome is that. I’m heading to the Google Play store now :)

  24. I really loved that. So sweet! :)

  25. THis is too cute. I love Disney Vinylmation!!!

  26. I love vinylmation things! I had no idea Disney had their own version though..super cool!

  27. This is cute! I only have one Vinylmation that I received on a Disney trip for the opening of Cars Land at Disneyland. It is so cool! I need to collect some more!

  28. What a cute film. My son loved it. He loves the vinylmations!

  29. I have heard so many good things about Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story. I need to download it ASAP!

  30. This looks so adorable – can’t wait to check it out!

  31. What a cute love story and creation to share. I’ll probably share the Vinylmations with my daughters. Beautiful.

  32. that is just so adorable. disney makes the best shorts

  33. How cute is that! I love blank and bow!@

  34. That is so cute. We collect those vinylmations whenever we go to Disney World. I have quite a few of them and they’re all unique in their own way.

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