Jan 272014
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Many of us made fitness goals for the year.  As January rolls to a frigid end, it’s a good time to do a quick check-in on how those resolutions are coming.  While it’s only been a little over three weeks, evaluating your plans now gives you the chance to make the changes necessary to get back on track if you’ve slipped a little.

This cold weather hasn’t really helped.  Who wants to – or even can – get outside when the thermometer reads below zero?  Fortunately Bubbles keeps my heart rate up with all the dancing and jumping around she likes us to do together.

Pair the Shine Fitness Monitor with yurbuds to #GetMotivated @BestBuyWolf

It’s been a few months since I started using my Shine fitness monitor to keep track of my activities.  While it’s not really designed to track all that dancing, it does at least track my steps so I have an idea of if I’m moving enough, or not.  On the days I need a bit more activity to reach my goal, I do have the option of using our treadmill.

The only “problem” with a treadmill is how incredibly boring it is to be on one.  It really doesn’t do much in the get motivated department.  But that’s where music comes in!

#GetMotivated with yurbuds Earphones @BestBuyWolf

Studies have shown that music can increase both the intensity and the duration of a workout by 15%!  That in and of itself is reason enough to plug in.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a pair of earphones that don’t either fall out every 10 seconds (anyone else find that to be totally annoying?) and that don’t make your ears hurt.

yurbuds Wireless Sport Earphones

An Ironman triathlete and 24-time marathoner founded yurbuds earphones a few years ago to address this problem.  Now you can cut the cords with the Limited Edition Wireless Sport Earphones.  Their Twist-lock Technology and FlexSoft Comfort Fit partner to lock the earphones in place comfortably.

yurbuds Wireless Earphones Can Help You #GetMotivated @BestBuyWolf

The Limited Edition Wireless earphones debuted at CES in Las Vegas this year, and are the first ever Stereo-Bluetooth® wireless earphones guaranteed to never hurt and never fall out.  They use a Smart Battery that powers a week’s worth of workouts, and provide audio and visual indicators to let you know when they are running low.  With features like being sweat- and water-resistant you can see why yurbuds are the #1 selling sport earphone company!

I have two special offers to share with you so you can #GetMotivated this year, too.  First, there is a 20% off yurbuds coupon you can print and use at Best Buy.  If you prefer use promo code yurbuds20off to shop online.  Secondly, get a $5 Best Buy gift card when you buy any health and fitness wearable or smart watch when you print this coupon and purchase it from a Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store.

How could yurbuds help you get motivated?

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About Liza

Liza is a mom (5-year-old daughter, 20-year-old stepson, and 24-year-old stepdaughter) and wife living in Louisville. She loves spending time with her family, visiting the local zoo and parks, as well as planning travel adventures. Cooking and baking, DIY projects and crafts, and coffee - lots and lots of coffee - round out some of her other hobbies.

  34 Responses to “Finding Fitness Inspiration and Getting Motivated with Best Buy”

  1. Music keeps me motivated so I need those headphones so I can be the eye of the tiger every cold morning I walk

  2. I have yurbuds and I love them. They are the only ear buds that fit my ears right!!

  3. I just started going back to the gym this week and I could not do it without the motivation of music! It definitely helps get you moving and into the groove of a work out. I really need a set of wireless headphones because the ones I have kill my ears.

  4. Music is definitely my #1 motivator to work out. These headphones look awesome.

  5. Sign me up for the YurBuds. I can’t run by myself, without good music, and sometimes my standard headphones just don’t cut it. I really need to try these out.

  6. These are great fitness accessories. We love Best Buy!

  7. I keep seeing these earbuds everywhere! They are so different looking. I really need to find some earbuds that don’t make my ears sore!

    • That is always my gripe with headphones, too, Melanie – I hate when they make my ears sore or fall out! You’d think if we can send people to space, we could create non-painful earphones, right? 😉

  8. I love my yurbuds. They are the first set of earbuds that are actually comfortable. Though now I want the wireless ones!

    • I’m glad you love your yurbuds! I think that the wireless ones are going to need to be in our family’s Christmas stockings this year – everyone could use them!

  9. Those Yurbuds look so cool! I should probably pick up a pair, I keep thinking about it!

  10. Yurbuds look awesome, what a great invention! I’m going to have to get me a pair. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Music is a strong part of my life and one of the things I hate about exercising is that I can’t find headphones that are comfortable enough to wear while exercising. I want to try these out so bad!

  12. I need to get motivated! With a toddler and a 3 month old, I need more than music though. I always hated the way earbuds hurt or fell out, there was no happy medium.

  13. I can hardly wait to check out those wireless yurbuds!! They look SO cool! Definitely a great choice when I’m trying to workout while the kids are sleeping!

  14. Music is such a big motivator for me, when it comes to fitness! I always seem to have trouble finding earbuds that stay in when I’m most active, though, so I’m looking forward to giving these Yurbuds a try!

  15. I simply MUST have music when I’m running. And the cords are starting to bother me, so Yurbuds might be the answer!

  16. I need motivation just to get started! Once I do, music keeps me going, but it’s getting out the door I struggle with most.

  17. I have to admit music does help with the work out. It seems to just fly by when I am distracted with some good tunes. Yurbuds would help out a lot with my morning runs.

  18. I have yet to find a god pair of ear buds that stay in. I need to check these out!

  19. I’ve been needing a little motivation. Listening to music definitely helps me to work out more.

  20. Shine is my favorite fitness tracker! I also love my blue yurbuds!! Best Buy is the “best” place for electronics! I’m going to buy my 50mm camera lens tonight!

  21. I love shopping at Best Buy. It’s like the best place to plunder!

  22. friday morning, i will be at best buy, and i hope i love these buds like i think i will! i need some ear buds that don’t stink!

  23. When it comes to the treadmill, it’s really darn near impossible to take the bore out of that chore, but music does help. Without a doubt!

  24. I have a special playlist on my phone for upbeat workout music. When I walk on my treadmill, I can plug the phone and listen through the speakers. When I’m walking the neighborhood, I could see yurbuds allowing me to listen to my jams!

  25. I love the idea of a wireless headset. I use mine all the time but constantly get twisted up with the cords.

  26. New workout gadgets always help get me motivated. Plus I could listen to my favorite music.

  27. i’ve been looking for a wireless headset that fit my ears. i have the hardest time with earbuds.

  28. I have to have music when I workout. These earbuds are awesome. Going on my wishlist for sure!

  29. Love the earbuds and your Shine fitness monitor too.

  30. I HAVE to listen to music while I work out. I have hard time with earbuds so I love over the ear headphones.

  31. I definitely need one of those – my earbuds fall out my ears when I run, so annoying!

  32. I am always thrilled I see different pieces of technology that help us live our lives better. I like these ear buds.

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