Dec 192013
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I received samples of Stock-It-Pockets that inspired these craft storage ideas. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I think most of us, even those who typically love to keep things organized, have one spot in their home that could use a little TLC.  It’s usually a kitchen drawer or random closet that even when you try to keep it straight, it just doesn’t work.  Kind of like the episode of Friends where Chandler opens the normally neat Monica’s secret “throw all” closet and is shocked by what he sees.

Craft Storage Ideas with Stock-It-Pockets Over-the-Door Organizers

For me, it’s always been my crafting closet or space.  There are just so many spools of ribbon, bags of buttons, bottles of paint and other odds and ends it’s hard to keep it all tidy.  I even bought a few plastic bins which generally keep me on top of the organizational ball, but they just weren’t cutting it.

Craft Storage Ideas

Now, though, I finally have a handle on my crafting supplies.  I found over-the-door organizers called Stock-It-Pockets and I have filled them full of my crafting goodies.  The 22 pockets hold all the odd sizes perfectly.

Stock-It-Pockets couldn’t be easier to use.  Choose the door where you want the organizer to hang, and place the three included hooks over the top.  Then just hook the three openings at the top of the pockets over the ends of the hooks and you’re done.  Because there is no actual “installation” I’m able to easily move my supplies around with me from room to room.

Craft Storage Ideas: Neatly Organized Craft Supplies with Stock-It-Pockets

I love that the pockets are clear – it lets me see everything at a glance.  No more digging through bins and boxes trying to find a specific color of acrylic paint or that bottle of red glitter.  The pockets are also nice and deep and expand more than you’d think on first glance.

Craft Storage Ideas: Stock-It-Pockets

The pockets are water-resistant which makes them easy to clean and should protect them from any accidental paint spills.  They’re also very durable which is important since I’ll be reaching into the pockets frequently.  Having a dedicated craft room is on my dream list someday, but for now, these Stock-It-Pockets are a good alternative.

If you have a crafty person on your holiday shopping list, these would make an awesome gift.  They’d make a great gift for most anyone, actually; use them to organize toys, the garage, toiletries and more.  The organizer actually rolls up and can be secured with three ties, so they’d be great for travelers, too.  Order from Amazon and you can still have them by Christmas if you use Prime (if you’re not a member, you can get a free 30-day Prime trial.  I love it so much I’ve been paying for the service for a couple of years.)

What craft storage ideas do you use?

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About Liza

Liza is a mom (5-year-old daughter, 20-year-old stepson, and 24-year-old stepdaughter) and wife living in Louisville. She loves spending time with her family, visiting the local zoo and parks, as well as planning travel adventures. Cooking and baking, DIY projects and crafts, and coffee - lots and lots of coffee - round out some of her other hobbies.

  36 Responses to “Craft Storage Ideas to Free Up Space & Make Items Easy to Find”

  1. This is very neat! I am always looking for great organization!

  2. I’d love to utilize these in my craft room! They’d be very helpful with organization.

  3. That is SO smart and I am going to use this for my blog office/craft area!! Thank you! Seriously!

  4. I can always always always use storage and organization tips! That’s something I really want to work on!

  5. This is a great storage idea! This would come in handy for my kid’s room.

  6. I have an organizer that has lasted years. It used to be my Barbie storage!

  7. Wow… I could use these in just about every room!!! We have some space issues, so these would be great!

  8. I need to take advantage of some of my empty door space! This is great!

  9. This a great idea, as long as you have a door in your craft area. They are very wide I can tell from the spools of ribbon!

  10. This is such a good idea! I could even use this to organize my baking supplies LOL!

  11. I’m so glad I saw this post. I have been trying to figure out what to do with all our art supplies. This is great!

  12. Oh my, I would use them everywhere. For art & crafts supplies, for my daughter’s tinier toys, in the bathroom for toiletries.

  13. I love this and could use this! I am NOT organized and need to be!

  14. These are awesome. I would definitely use these in my organizing.

  15. Great idea! I use a similar organizer for my small items in my pantry like taco seasoning packages or loose granola bars, etc.

  16. This would save me an incredible amount of space. I am glad that ribbon will fit in the pockets, because I have tons of ribbon.

  17. That is fantastic. I love that you can see your supplies and do not have to go digging for them.

  18. I could actually use this for the back of my bathroom door to store make-up and nail polish. I am starting to become over run lolll

  19. What a great storage unit!! Everything to be organized is great!

  20. Yes, we have like 4 of them. We have such small closets and limited bathroom space so we use them for things like lotion, hair supplies, combs, etc.

  21. What a great use for Stock-It-Pockets. I use to craft but keeping the supplies in place and in order became a lot of work. Wish I had thought of this idea back then.

  22. This is SUCH an awesome idea! Especially for my daughters small toys that constantly get stopped on.

  23. That’s a really great way to organize craft supplies, I never would’ve thought of that! I don’t have much crafty stuff, but I could definitely fill one of those with makeup :)

  24. I like the idea of hanging it up in the bathroom and throwing my makeup in there, then rolling it up when I travel. Easy peasy and smart. Thanks for the idea!

  25. i need a stock pockets just for my washi tape and duck tape !! i’d also organize my brownie troop supplies

  26. This is wonderful. I have one that holds my stamping stuff and crafts. People always comment on it. It’s so great to use as storage! GET ONE!

  27. VERY COOL!!! I love places to store things and organize!

  28. Love this while idea. I need like five
    to start!!

  29. I have so many craft supplies that I actually need one of these! I would love to get my ribbons all neatly arranged and easy to find!

  30. my stuff is in boxes IN cabinets so it’s not much fun to try to find something. I like your ideas to keep everything out in the open

  31. I love how that looks! I have to admit there are definite areas of the house that are challenging to organize. I don’t have a crafting closet, although I wish I did! I know use my desk and shelving for organizing my crafts and kitchen table to work. lol

  32. I think we have one of these in every bedroom. We use them to keep things organized, and it really does work very well.

  33. This is a great idea. I could use these for more than just crafst. In my opinion, I don’t think you can ever to be too organized.

  34. My crafts supplies are spread around 3 closets and stuffed in totes with no rhyme or reason to them. I love the idea of getting them all organized, in one space, behind a closet door!

  35. I could see the Stock it Pocket coming in handy in my daughter’s bathroom. They could put hair products and make up in the organizer instead of all over their counter, great review,.

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