Dec 142013
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I received a Keter MasterCart Rolling Tool Box in order to facilitate my review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My love for all things organization ins’t confined to the interior of the house with pretty bins or closet storage systems.  I also love outdoor organization items, especially for the garage.  I’ll own up to my inner geek and admit that when they were still on TV, I would watch those garage makeover shows on the home improvement channels.  I always wished they would come to my house!

Keter MasterCart Rolling Tool Box

Fortunately, hubby is of the same mindset when it comes to keeping the garage organized.  One of the first things he did when we moved into this house was get the garage set up.  Racks and shelves, hooks on the walls – lots of ways to keep it tidy and keep things in place.

One area that we were a little lacking in, though, was tool storage.  So when I surprised him with the Keter MasterCart Rolling Tool Box, he was quite excited.  He immediately headed to the garage to check it all out and fill up all the different compartments.

Keter MasterCart Rolling Tool Box

And there are lots of different storage compartments to fill.  First there are the organizers you can see from the outside.  The MasterCart has a removable front organizer tray with multiple compartments for screws, nails, washers – whatever you’d like.  And the top has built-in see-through organizers, great for storing those items you grab frequently.

Also on the outside are two separate areas designed to hold cables.  On the top side are two little hooks that flip out where you can wrap a smaller cord – maybe a bungee, or something similar.  And on the back is a larger cord wrap that can handle bigger cords or cables, like a nice-sized extension cord.

Top Storage Tray in the Keter MasterCart Rolling Tool Box

Bottom Box Storage Compartment in the Keter MasterCart Rolling Tool Box

There’s plenty of tool storage on the inside, too.  The top box contains a tray that lifts out with storage space underneath.  They’re actually quite deep and roomy.  Then you can unsnap the top box and lift if off to reveal the bottom tray which sits over a second large tool storage compartment.  It holds so much that once my husband had loaded it up, he had space left over and decided he needed to go tool shopping.

You can purchase the Keter tool storage products from Amazon, Home Depot, and other merchants.

How would you use a rolling tool box?

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Liza is a mom (5-year-old daughter, 20-year-old stepson, and 24-year-old stepdaughter) and wife living in Louisville. She loves spending time with her family, visiting the local zoo and parks, as well as planning travel adventures. Cooking and baking, DIY projects and crafts, and coffee - lots and lots of coffee - round out some of her other hobbies.

  27 Responses to “Easy Garage and Tool Organization with a Rolling Tool Box”

  1. What an awesome way to keep organized. This would really help out the clutter my hubby has in the garage!

  2. I actually have one of these and they are so convenient in our garage. My husband rolls it in henever we have something to DIY or repair.

  3. This would help me get good and organized!

  4. Oh my hubby could use one of these!!

  5. Holy smokes—my husband NEEDS this. He can never find the right tool when he starts a project, so we have 3 of just about everything. Plus he has to waste a trip on going to get the replacement hammer/wrench/whatever. This would solve just about all of the world’s problems. At least, in my world. :)

  6. Since we are about to move and my husband is excited about doing some work around the house, this would be ideal for him to get things organized without driving me crazy!

  7. what an awesome invention

  8. OH I want that so bad!!! I need two of them! One for the husband and his tools. And one for my craft room!

  9. I wish I had enough tools for this cool thing! I love all the compartments! It is a perfect way to stay organized!

  10. Hubby needs one of these! Our tools are kind of scattered all over the place!

  11. This is really nice – my husband could totally use this. His tool collection keeps growing and spreading all over. I’d like to contain it better and I think that he would appreciate this.

  12. I’d definitely hand this off to the man for all his doodads and such. It’s like a foreign language to me!

  13. I’m such a wimp, a rolling tool box would be perfect for me!

  14. My husband would love to have one of these to help organize his ever growing tool collection.

  15. My hubby would find many great uses for this, I am sure. I think I could too. Looks like a really great product I might have to get. lol

  16. This is exactly what my hubby needs.. Soo gonna get this for Christmas for him; thanks for a great review and giving me an idea.. I had no clue on what to get him… Sooo excited now :-)

  17. This is really nice. My husband was just telling me today he needs a tool box for Christmas.

  18. i’d use it for my brownie troop meeting supplies!!!

  19. Wow.. that is BAD you know what! I could get this for my dad, my hubs, and even myself!!

  20. Hubby is super organized but this would save him so much space in his garage!

  21. This looks like a fantastic tool box that my husband would love!

  22. What an awesome gift. My Husband would freak if I surprised him with one. His tools need some help being organized.

  23. how cool! this would be great for my husband. he has totally outgrown his current toolbox.

  24. this would make a good Christmas present for my dad! He has a whole building just for his “projects”

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