Sep 272013
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 Thanks to Disney for providing us with a copy of “Sofia the First: Ready To Be A Princess” in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions and words are my own.

When Sofia’s Mom marries the King of Enchancia, King Roland, Sofia finds herself living every little girl’s dream: becoming a real Princess.  But she quickly finds out that being a Princess is more than tiaras and fancy dresses (contrary to the belief of her new stepsister Amber).  In Sofia the First: Ready To Be A Princess Sofia continues with her adventures and lessons, striving hard to be the best Princess she can.

Sofia the First: Ready to Be a Princess

Fortunately Sofia has lots of help.  Her non-royal friends from the village still come and visit her, helping to keep her grounded.  And her magic amulet lets her talk to, and be understood by, the animals of the kingdom, all of which are eager to help her out when possible.

Her pet rabbit Clover especially wants to see her be happy in her new role.  In the included episode “Blue Ribbon Bunny” he puts Sofia’s wish of having a winning pet at the talent show above his own desire to participate with her.  Clover’s feelings end up badly hurt; no one wants to feel like they’re not good enough.  Fortunately Sofia’s other animal friends help her understand the consequences of her decision before Sofia and Clover’s friendship is ruined.

In “Two to Tangu” Sofia gets some extra-special help.  Sofia and Amber run into some trouble trying to tame a wild carpet and end up stuck in the middle of the desert with what appears to be no way out.  One of the powers of Sofia’s amulet is to call forth other Princesses in a moment of need, and this allows Princess Jasmine to show up and provide some insight to their problems.

Sofia the First: Ready To Be A Princess on DVD with Free Sofia Wardrobe

Sofia the First: Ready To Be A Princess is now available on DVD.  It comes with a cute Sofia paper doll dress up set with her own wardrobe.  With a run time of 112 minutes, the full episode list includes:

  1. “A Royal Mess”
  2. “The Shy Princess”
  3. “Blue Ribbon Bunny”
  4. “The Princess Test”
  5. “Two To Tangu”

Sofia is one of Bubbles’ favorite princesses and I have to say she’s one of my favorites, too.  Sofia is just like any young kid: she’s anxious to please but makes a lot of mistakes along the way.  And, as a stepmom myself, I have to say that I like the new positive view of blended families.  No more evil stepmothers!

 Who is your favorite Sofia the First character?

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