Aug 032013
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The reviewer has been compensated for the Frends Taylor Headphones review in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. All opinions and words are my own.

When you’re putting together your outfit for the day, you probably think about what accessories you’ll add, too.  Shoes, a bag, earrings, necklace, maybe even a belt.  You might choose what color nail polish or eye shadow to put on.  Some people may even take the accessorizing as far as matching up an umbrella, coat, or hat.  And lots of people have multiple cases for their phones to switch it up based on their mood or clothes.

One accessory you might not think about, however, is your headphones.  Why should you go for boring and plain when you put so much thought into the rest of your style?  Fortunately, now there is a pair of trendy headphones from Frends that are just as rockin’ as you are.

Frends Taylor Headphones from Best Buy Mobile

The new white and rose gold Taylor headphones are pretty awesome.  Actually, I think they’re the most comfortable pair of headphones I have ever worn.  My ears are always in pain after wearing earbuds for even a few minutes, and of course there is the annoyance of them falling out every 45 seconds.  The over-the-ear style of these Frends Taylor headphones are the perfect solution for me.  Made from genuine leather and handcrafted metal they are like soft little pillows floating over your ears.  Pillows that funnel premium acoustics specially tuned for a woman’s discerning ear, focusing on clarity, warmth, and range rather than overpowering base.

I’ve worn these in a number of places and situations and they’ve been excellent for every use.  My normal headphones don’t ever seem to play very well with my cell phone; the cord never seems to seat quite right and the sound goes in and out.  These gave me a nice, clear sound and even stayed in place while I was on the treadmill!

Frends Taylor Headphones Available at Best Buy Mobile

There are a lot of other great features, too.  One of my favorites is that they are collapsible.  They fold up easily and compactly and can be tucked into the companion carrying pouch.  Just toss it in your purse, backpack, or gym bag and go.

Frends Taylor Headphones Available at Best Buy Mobile

Some of the other cool features include:

  • No Hair Snags – unlike traditional headphones, the internal headband adjustments are sealed to keep you snag-free
  • Mic & Volume Control – The cord has a little 3-button panel which lets you control the volume and take calls
  • Jewelry Craftmanship – The headphones are made with jewelry crafting techniques, real metals, and luxury materials for headphones that are a true accessory
  • Comfortable With Earrings – The memory foam ear cushions are designed not to put pressure on your earrings
  • Lifetime Warranty – You can’t beat a product that comes with a lifetime warranty – it’s true peace of mind

The Frends Taylor headphones are available at Best Buy Mobile specialty stores. And right now you can also get 10% off your Frends Taylor headphone purchase.  The discount ends on August 10th, so be sure to take advantage of this deal quickly.

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Where would you wear your Frends Taylor headphones?

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