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Sweet and salty is such a yummy pairing and I love to combine the tastes in different munch recipes.  You’ll find similar concoctions available from retailers, especially around the holidays.  Different mixes of popcorn, pretzels, chocolate, candies, sprinkles, and more.

Here’s a quick and easy Christmas munch recipe for you.  It makes a great gift for foodie friends, or you could pair it with a DVD and some hot chocolate mix and give the gift of a family movie night.  It stores well, so often I’ll make a batch and fill bags with individual portions.  I fancy them up with a bit of ribbon, fill a basket, and have people grab a snack when they come to visit (and another to take home with them when they go).

Christmas Candy Munch Mix Recipe

Christmas Candy Munch Mix


White popping corn (1 bag microwave or 3-4 tablespoons kernels)
White candy melts
Red, Green and White Sprinkles
Red and Green M&Ms


Cover a baking sheet with aluminum foil and set aside.  Next, pop your popcorn according to directions and allow to cool completely.  Once cooled, spread popped corn over baking sheet.  Do this by hand; if you just dump your popcorn out you’ll likely end up with a few unpopped kernels, which won’t be fun to bite into unexpectedly.

Melt candy according to package directions and immediately pour over popcorn.  Use a small spatula to mix it together, thoroughly coating the popcorn.  Shake on the desired amount of sprinkles and set popcorn aside for 1-2 hours, until candy-coating has set.

Mix in red and green M&Ms.  During this step you could easily add any other types of holiday candy that you’d like.  For example, you might chop up some peppermint Hershey’s Kisses or Andes Mints and add those.  Or if you like a little heat, maybe add a handful of cinnamon red hots.  Whatever you’d like.

#Christmas Candy Munch Mix Recipe

You can tell from the photo above that this treat is kid-approved.  That’s Bubbles’ little hand trying to snag an M&M while I was taking pictures.  It’s also pretty addicting for adults so you may want to make two batches if you plan on giving any away, so that there’s enough left to actually leave the house.

What candy would you add to your munch mix recipe?

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