May 022013
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Thanks to I See Me for providing us with a great personalized book to enjoy.

I’ve seen, read, received and given a lot of personalized books in my day.  I’ve always enjoyed them because there’s just something special about getting a book with your own name and/or photo in it, immersing you in the story.  I had wanted to order one for Bubbles for her birthday this year because she’s very much into books and loves to recognize her own name and picture.  Most personalized books, however, are geared for older children through adults, with easily-torn paper pages and more grown-up themes.

I See Me Personalized Books for Toddlers & Kids

So I was very pleased to come across the I See Me collection of personalized books and other gifts.  They have books for pretty much every occasion: birthdays, Easter, Christmas, being a big sister, being a big brother.  And then they have lots of personalized books that are “just because” like My Own Fairy Tale, My Own Pirate Tale, and other similar titles.

You can also purchase some of the books as part of gift sets that include plush animals, bandanas, blankets and other goodies.  And if a book or gift set isn’t exactly what you’re looking for they do have personalized placemats and coloring books available.  So really a lot to choose from, no matter whom your recipient.

I See Me Personalized Birthday Book for Girls

There were a couple of choices of birthday books and I decided to order the “My Very Happy Birthday Book” for girls based on the colors and themes.  The personalization process was very quick and easy.  Just 12 fields where you either enter a word or phrase, or make a selection from a drop-down menu.  This is good for when the 2-year-old recipient of the book is hanging off your arm trying to get you to simultaneously read her a book, toss her a ball, and “make the doll ride the horsey”.

When the book arrived a couple of weeks later to say that I was impressed would honestly be an understatement.  It is exactly the perfect size (6×6″) for smaller hands.  The cover is a traditional hardcover but the pages inside and like a board book, using a heavier page versus regular paper.  As a gift to a toddler this makes it the perfect construction.  The story was really cute and I love the lyrical way it rolls off your tongue when you read it out loud.

You don’t have to take just my opinion, however.  Bubbles asks for us to read it to her every single day, sometimes multiple times per day, so you know it was well received.  These are books that I can say, without a doubt, that I will purchase again in the future.  In fact, I’m already eyeing the “My Very Merry Christmas Board Book” to add to our collection of Christmas books.

I See Me Personalized Carousel Placemat

I also selected the Carousel Personalized Playmat for girls to add to my order.  We like to make family meals at the table a big deal so when I can find dining accessories that makes it feel special I try to include them.  It’s a very durable mat that is easy to clean and I feel we’ll be able to enjoy for awhile.

Which of the I See Me books is your favorite?  To whom would you like give one?

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  1. My kids would love these! Very cool

  2. Cool idea! Looks like something my youngest niece would enjoy.

  3. These look like so much fun – I sure could of used these when my kids were a bit younger

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