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Toddler Games and Toys from Melissa & Doug

Toddler Games and Toys from Melissa & Doug

It’s hard (for me) to believe, but Bubbles turned 2 this past week.  It’s cliché to say but time really does seem to fly by with kids this age.  I can remember when she would fit in the nook of my arm while I was feeding her.  Today when I pick her up to give her a kiss, her feet dangle against my knees.  And that’s when she stops moving long enough for me to pick up!

As Christmas was just a few weeks ago (and because this mama has a hard time not buying things at the store as I see them) we didn’t really want to go overboard for her with gifts.  We did, however, want to get her some things and I wanted to make sure they were toys that would keep her entertained and engaged for a few months (when your birthday and Christmas are so close together, there’s a reaaallly long dry spell for gift-giving occasions in between).  She has a few key interests right now that we’d like to nurture: puzzles, dolls, coloring, her kitchen, blocks, anything Disney, and toys like trucks and trains (the last one much to my husband’s delight).

When I thought about those interests and thought about durability one company that quickly came to mind was Melissa & Doug.  A number of their toys and games are made from wood; good for standing up to the rough-housing of a very active 2-year-old.  I had last looked at their website during Christmas and I remembered that they had a lot of play food kits.  Bubbles loves her play kitchen but while it came with dishes and pots and pans it didn’t come with any food.  I knew that a few food items that she could “cook up” would definitely be on my list for her birthday.

After I had selected the food set I thought she would like I continued to peek around their site.  I love sites that allow you to shop by age; I may not always agree with their recommendations, but it’s a great place to start.  Selecting the “Toys for 2 Year Olds” helped me find this wooden Stacking Train Toddler Toy as well as a very fun Hands Counting Puzzle.  Honestly, I could have picked out a list of toys as long as my arm – they just have so many cute things.

Toddler Games and Toys from Melissa & Doug

My instincts seem to have been correct, though, as Bubbles is in love with each of the toys.  We gave them to her a few days before her birthday (some family could only be with us then instead of at her party, so we did a few things early) and she has played with them non-stop.  Many times throughout the day I’ll turn my head to find her hand in my face, holding out a plate with a burger she has “cooked” for me.  I like that it came with four crates of food broken down into food groups.  When she gets a little older we can talk about how many foods from each crate we should have at each meal.

Toddler Games and Toys from Melissa & Doug

The puzzle is awesome, too.  Not only can she tell me which is the left hand and which is the right, it has given her the chance to do more counting and number recognition.  She is able to count to ten by the numbers on the fingers themselves, plus underneath each finger there are images; the number of items match the number on the finger (so seven red hearts under the finger with the number seven).  Lots of learning opportunities!

Toddler Games and Toys from Melissa & Doug

The train has received a lot of play time, as well.  She spends large chunks of time arranging the pieces into different formations, driving it around, and building paths for it with her blocks.  She also gets a huge kick out of standing and letting me drive the train through her feet like a bridge.  Well, more than a kick – she’ll come grab my hands and say “Mama mama, train bridge!” and we’ll have to do that for about 20 minutes.

I’d love for your child to experience the same joy Bubbles has with her new wooden toys and so would Melissa & Doug.  So they have offered an amazing prize for one lucky reader – your choice of $100 worth of toddler games or toys from their site!  You’ll really be able to hook your kiddos up with a fun new stash of toys.  Giveaway closed.

Toddler Games and Toys from Melissa & Doug

I received the above products in order to facilitate my review.  No additional compensation was received and all opinions, as alays, are 100% that of myself and my family.  Giveaway prizes are fully sponsored by Melissa & Doug.

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Liza is a mom (5-year-old daughter, 20-year-old stepson, and 24-year-old stepdaughter) and wife living in Louisville. She loves spending time with her family, visiting the local zoo and parks, as well as planning travel adventures. Cooking and baking, DIY projects and crafts, and coffee - lots and lots of coffee - round out some of her other hobbies.

  70 Responses to “Entertain and Educate Your Toddler with Toys from Melissa & Doug”

  1. I would chose the Hand Puzzle, Hope I win, Grandkids will have so much fun with the puzzle. Thankyou.

  2. One thing I really liked is the Smarty Pants – 1st Grade Card Set

  3. I’d get the Bird House Shape Sorter and Sterling Baby Elephant.

  4. Definitely a couple of there wooden puzzles, the shape sorting cube classic toy, and the whittle world wooden plane set & luggage carrier set!

  5. Hey, Liza. Wanted to let you know when I tweeted the giveaway and copy/pasted the URL, I accidentally added a \ at the end when I hit enter. This is the correct URL to my tweet: https://twitter.com/ARMomma3J/status/305517237354250240

  6. I might get the victorian dollhouse

  7. I would get the Pretty Purse Fill and Spill :)

  8. I think I would get the Slice and Scoop Sundae Set for starters.

  9. I would like to get the Scratch Art Portable Light Box

  10. A variety of things including Smartipants for Kindergarten and 1st grade and some Cut-Crease-Create series, etc.

  11. I want a trunki

  12. I’ve been eyeing that train for months now. Just can’t afford it

  13. I love their wooden puzzles, and I might choose some sand toys like the Speck Seahorse Sand Ice Cream Set .

  14. I would choose the Tabletop Art Easel for my youngest daughter.

  15. the Smarty Pants – 1st Grade Card Set

  16. I would choose Trunki and the Doorbell House.

  17. i like that hand puzzle you featured, i havent seen that one before. we got the clock for my sons birthday this past year and we love it! thanks

  18. I might choose the Deluxe Puppet Theater with Free Chef’s Puppet!

  19. Boston Terrier Dog Giant Stuffed Animal

  20. I would start my shopping with the Fold & Go Princess Castle.

  21. I’d get the Pattern Blocks and Boards Classic Toy.

  22. I’d get the Stacking Train Toddler Toy, a couple puzzles and a trunki!

  23. I love the shopping cart

  24. Caterpillar Gears Toddler Toy, Bug Jug Fill & Spill, High Sea Symphony, anf Longfellow Frog Stuffed Animal

  25. I would love to get a trunki and a rattle rumba push toy.

  26. i like the fold and go princess castle

  27. It’s so tough to choose b/c M&D have so many awesome toys that are perfect for a toddler girl! The trunki would be the first thing I’d order! She already has the Cowgirl puppet & LOVES it, so I think I’d get the Deluxe Puppet Theater w/ Free Chef’s Puppet to go w/it!

  28. I like the Rattle Rumble Push Toy with FREE Friendly Fish Grasping Toy

  29. My daughter would love the “Scratch Art Drawing Book – Fashion Friends” and my son the “Scratch Art Mosaic Color-Reveal Book – Favorite Things.”

  30. I would probably get this:

    but I am not sure because there is so much cool stuff to choose from!

  31. I would get the Playful Pets Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle – 12 Pieces

  32. Folding Princess Castle

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  33. I’d love their Lemonade Stand

  34. I’d pick the Grand Piano with Free Recorder.

  35. I really like the Monster Bowling game

  36. My daughter would LOVE the Victorian Dollhouse

  37. I love the Grand Piano!

  38. I love the USA Map Learning Mat with Wipe-Off Crayons

  39. One of the items I’d get is the Girl Bubble Set

  40. Train Table with 2 FREE Trains

  41. I would either choose a Trunki or an art easel for my daughter.

  42. I love the train Table.

  43. My granddaughter (turning 2 this month) loves Melissa and Doug play food and pots and pans, so I’d get her more of the kitchen/food items and maybe a Pound and Roll Tower.

    Happy Birthday, Bubbles! Same birthday week as me. :)

  44. one of the food sets for sure…my 3YO granddaughter loves them!!!

  45. i would go with the food groups toy

  46. The Magnetic, Switch and Spin, Magnetic Gear Board.

  47. I love their doll houses and know my daughter would too!

  48. I would chose the Let’s Play House grocery cans.

  49. I would choose the Let’s Play House grocery cans.

  50. Beginner Band Set

  51. I’ve been wanting a puppet theater for awhile. Their deluxe puppet theater looks nice.

  52. The wildlife jigsaw puzzle is at the top of the list. My little girl loves puzzles, and this prego mommy has been dreaming about lions. Thanks for hosting!

  53. I would get any of the play food items. My daughter got a play kitchen for Christmas last year and I have been dying to get her some Melissa and Doug play food to go with it.

  54. Puzzles

  55. I would love to get the Folding Princess Castle for my daughter.

  56. One thing I would love to pick is the Peek-a-Boo Panda Baby & Toddler Toy.

  57. I might choose the folding Princess Castle

  58. Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear —– Pauline aka Paol Trenny ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  59. My Own Mail Box Classic Toys!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  60. I would get the Bird House Shape Sorter for our little guy.

  61. I may get the Animal Rescue Shape-Sorting Truck Wooden Toy for my grandson!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  62. I would get the First Bead Maze!

  63. I would pick Mollie Ladybug Tent

  64. Love the Switch & Spin Magnetic Gear Board

  65. Scratch Art Portable Light Box Is just one of the things I would buy!

  66. I would choose the Rattle Rumble Toddler Push Toy

  67. Thank you SO much! I will be going thorugh this shortly and getting back to you. This is amazing!

  68. There are definitely a number of toys from Melissa and Doug’s which are really educational!

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