Jan 172013
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Make This House A Home: Home Improvement Series

Make This House A Home In 2013 - Home Improvement Series

When we moved into this house almost a year ago now, there were things that talked about changing, furniture we wanted to buy, walls that needed painting.  Instead of jumping right into it, though, we waited on a lot of our ideas.  We’re both big believers in living in a space for awhile so you can figure out the best flow, how your family’s activities and traffic impact the space, etc.  But now we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get in there!

So in addition to my Organization: 2013 series that I’m sharing with you throughout the year we’re going to be talking about how to make your house a home.  I’ll share remodeling and design tips, decorating ideas, product suggestions, and much more.  There will even be some before and after photos for you so you can see how simple changes can make a big impact.

I’ll be talking about every room of the house from the kitchen to family room, office to bathroom, bedrooms to those spaces you’re not quite sure with what to do.  The outdoor spaces won’t be forgotten, either!  I’ll cover the garage, deck or patio, backyard, and landscaping.  I hope you’re ready to get some dirt under your nails along with us!

We’ll be starting soon, but in the meantime do you have any specific design and remodel requests?

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About Liza

Liza is a mom (5-year-old daughter, 20-year-old stepson, and 24-year-old stepdaughter) and wife living in Louisville. She loves spending time with her family, visiting the local zoo and parks, as well as planning travel adventures. Cooking and baking, DIY projects and crafts, and coffee - lots and lots of coffee - round out some of her other hobbies.

  9 Responses to “Make This House A Home – A Home Improvement Series”

  1. I really would like to get started on a few projects myself.

  2. I’m dealing with small bathrooms that need to be redone. Very little storage in them as well.

  3. Definitely looking forward to the series and seeing what you do!

  4. I would love organizational tips for small homes/areas. We have an older house with very limited storage space and I’d love to add some without having it look like I have boxes all over the house. Looking forward to this!

  5. I need some ideas for a bathroom remodel. We have a house built in the 60’s! I was going to go retro black and white, but now I’m not sure. =( Maybe country or beachy now?? HELP!

  6. We live in a 2 bed with 3 kids! Im having a hard time figuring out their space needs, and maybe furniture options in small rooms. :)

  7. I can’t wait to see all of your ideas. We have lived in our home for a few years now and we like to do projects. :)


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