Jan 152013
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Family Dollar Kidgets Wipes & Diapers

Kidgets Diapers and Wipes at Family Dollar

Like most baby showers, our showers when Bubbles was born presented us with a number of diapers.  Most of them were for a specific national brand and they worked well, so we stuck with them.  Along the way we did try a few other store brands but just didn’t get the performance from them that the other diaper brand provided.  We also purchased the brand’s matching wipes as they had a gentle variety that I thought would benefit a tiny baby’s bottom.

Buying diapers and wipes month after month, however, can really add up and you start looking for ways to reduce those costs: coupons, buying in bulk, subscribe and save.  One thing I didn’t look for, though, was another store brand to try.  Recently, though, I discovered that our town has a Family Dollar which I hadn’t shopped in since I lived in Maine years ago.  They have their own line of diapers – the Kidgets brand – and also just recently added wipes.  At $6.50 for 31 diapers (size 4) and $2 for a 72-count package of wipes I thought it might be worth it to give them a try – especially considering we had recently been experience some leaking issues with Bubbles’ regular brand.

Kidget Diapers from Family Dollar

I have to say that I expected the diapers and wipes to not meet my standards; I thought we were doomed to repeat our previous store brand experiences.  But not only were the diapers and wipes comparable – we actually ended up liking them better!  There were no leaking issues, they fit great, and we haven’t noticed any red bottom/diaper rash at all since the switch.  The only thing I did notice is that the diaper seems a little “harder” when it’s wet than with our regular diapers, but I wouldn’t really wouldn’t call it a negative.  Wet diapers are supposed to be changed!  The fit was great, too; they didn’t fold over in the front or ride up in the back.  She’s a very active toddler and they hung right in there with her.

The wipes equally impressed.  They’re made of a three-layer fabric and have sort of a waffle texture that were great for use during diaper changes but also to wipe hands and face after lunch.  Bubbles has always had sensitive skin and these didn’t cause any adverse reaction at all.  I also love the lid on the soft packs.  It stays firmly closed which saves you from reaching for a wipe only to find that the first couple of them had dried out!

Kidgets Diapers from Family Dollar

Bottom line I would be very comfortable recommending Kidgets diapers and wipes to moms of older babies and toddlers.

Kidgets Line of Baby Products at Family Dollar

Have you tried Kidgets diapers or wipes from the Family Dollar?

Introducing the newest addition to the family of Kidgets products: Kidgets Baby Wipes!

Available exclusively at Family Dollar, Kidgets baby wipes are made with a special three-layer fabric that is Thick, Strong, and Soft!! Available in Unscented and Fresh Scent, they are the perfect addition to your changing table, car, or diaper bag. Convenient press-open lids make on-the-go changes a breeze!

Family Dollar’s line of Kidgets diapers is also second to none. Family Dollar realizes that you want the best for your baby. That’s why they developed Kidgets – a soft, absorbent diaper that’s also a great value. With an ultra absorbent core, strechable grip tabs, and a cloth-like outer core, they are are so sure that you’ll love the Kidgets diaper that they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Check Kidgets Diaper and Wipes products out today – only at Family Dollar!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Family Dollar.

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  6 Responses to “Have You Tried Family Dollar’s Kidgets Diapers And Wipes?”

  1. I had never heard of this brand before. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I used to work at Family Dollar in college so I was surprised to see they now have diapers and wipes. Great way for families to save money if they don’t use cloth. We tried Walgreens brand when my daughter was a newborn and they did not contain messes! Glad these work for you and sound better performing than most cheap brands.

  3. I love the name and I really like the look of that diaper. We use cloth diapers/wipes most of the time, but do use disposables at night. We use Pampers and they get VERY pricey. I would love to try this brand, so THANK YOU for the recommendation.

  4. I use the Costco brand and have been happy with them.

  5. I use Kidget’s Wipes and Pull-ups both for my son! We used to buy Luvs and we definitely like the Kidget’s better! I’m glad I found them!

  6. I use Kidget Diapers for my daughter and I absolutely love them. To me they are more absorbent than Huggies and Pampers and are a heck of alot cheaper. I hate spending lots of money on diapers and these have saved us tremendously. I highly recommended this brand to anyone who is wanting to save money.

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