Jul 232012
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What are the benefits of babywearing?

Shortly after Bubbles was born, we started our attempts at babywearing.  At the time, she was so tiny, that with the carriers that we were trying, it was difficult to find a secure fit.  As she got older and grew (and grew – into the 90th percentile for height!) it fortunately got a little easier, sizing-wise.  It was nice to have her close and have my hands free at the same time, plus it gave her a different view of the world now and then.

10 benefits of babywearing for you and your baby

There are a lot of other great reasons for babywearing and Britax recently shared with me these ten tips from Jamie Grayson, otherwise known as “TheBabyGuyNYC” (you may have recently caught him on Martha Stewart or the Today Show).  If you’re not familiar with Jamie, I definitely would check his site out; he is very funny, very informative, and has lots of great info (and giveaways!).  Here are his top ten.

  1. Happy Baby:  One thing that stresses parents out the most is a fussy nugget, and according to a study in Pediatrics, babies who are worn for at least 3 hours throughout a day have reduced crying by 43 percent1
  2. Aides in Development:  The first three months of a newborn’s life are often referred to as “The Fourth Trimester,” and carrying a new nugget close to your heart helps her adapt to life outside the womb by becoming familiar with your breathing rhythm, heartbeat and voice.2
  3.  Feeding on the Fly:  Have a hungry nugget and you’re out and about?  Breastfeeding can be easily accomplished while wearing a baby.
  4.  Hands-Free Traveling: Jet setting with the family?  Of course you’ll need a stroller when you’re traveling to and from your destination, but try gate checking your stroller and boarding with your snuggling nugget in a baby carrier.  It’s amazing how “handy” two free hands can be!
  5. Keeping up with Life: A comfortable baby carrier offers the wearer the freedom to complete routine household chores while sharing the time with your little nugget.
  6. Keep Moving:  For people who like to get outside, wearing a baby is an ideal way to navigate everything from the concrete jungle to cobblestone streets.  You can conquer any terrain with a baby carrier.
  7. Bonding can be Shared: Wearing a baby is a great way for partners, dads, grandparents, adoptive parents and other caregivers to bond with your baby.  You carried him for nine months…Let someone else enjoy carrying him, too!
  8. Calm Babies are Observant:  Babies who are worn are usually calmer, allowing them to appreciate the world around them.  A calmed baby is better able to observe social cues and develop healthy relationships.
  9. Shopping is Less Taxing:  Grocery Run?  It is so much easier to wear a baby and push a shopping cart than to navigate with shopping cart and stroller.  Leave the stroller at home and enjoy shopping baby.
  10. Sleeping Baby = Peace of Mind:  Nothing beats the feeling of looking down and seeing a sleeping nugget on your chest.  Just unbuckle the front of the carrier and lay nugget down without even waking her up!  Ahhhhh….Peace for everyone!

1 Hunziker, U. A. and Barr, R, G. (1986). Increased carrying reduces infant crying: a randomized controlled trial. Pediatrics, 77, 641-8, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3517799

2 Ludington-Hoe SM, Swinth JY. (1996). Developmental aspects of kangaroo care. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing, 25, 691-703

Do you practice babywearing? Have you had any particular challenges or successes?
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Liza is a mom (5-year-old daughter, 20-year-old stepson, and 24-year-old stepdaughter) and wife living in Louisville. She loves spending time with her family, visiting the local zoo and parks, as well as planning travel adventures. Cooking and baking, DIY projects and crafts, and coffee - lots and lots of coffee - round out some of her other hobbies.

  23 Responses to “10 Benefits of Babywearing for Both You and Your Baby”

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  2. My parents had this really crazy baby carrier for me back in the 80’s. They would take me hiking in it and everything. The baby carriers they have now sure are a whole lot nicer! I’m definitely going to use one when I have children.

  3. I’ve noticed when I wear my grandson, he is more calm (which agrees with your bullet point Calm Babies are Observant) and he LOVES to look around at everything.

  4. We’ve been babywearing since we took the kids home from the hospital and love it!

  5. We are having our 3rd baby in Sept and we will be baby wearing. I did with our now 2yr old and I loved having him with me and my hands still free. Baby wearing will be a must since the boys still need me too.

  6. That’s so sweet – I love when I see parents wearing their babies. :-)

  7. I love baby wearing. Just did it recently during a garage sale. Baby loves it. Of course I have a moby wrap and its very comfortable.

  8. I baby wear both of my kids still. I love it! I do everything in it- nurse them, let them sleep, etc.

  9. I would totally agree with those Top 10! It REALLY makes shopping much easier! ESPECIALLY if you’re on your own! If you have to put an infant car seat in a shopping cart, there is NO room for anything else! And it’s near impossible to PUSH a cart while carrying a baby (in your arms)! I’ve found that wearing them during shopping trips keeps us BOTH happy and sane!

  10. Great post – my niece just had a baby in the spring. I’m passing this article on to her. Thanks!

  11. We started babywearing with my granddaughter as soon as she was born and she’d fall asleep within minutes of being put in, she was so comfortable! I feel that babies feel a lot more secure when we keep them close and can attend to their needs right away instead of them having to wait to be picked up. Had I known about the benefits of babywearing 24 years ago, I’m sure my daughter’s colic would have been easier to deal with!

  12. We love baby wearing great. Way for daddy to bond!

  13. I just LOVE wearing my babies. It’s nice to have that close time. It’s also nice to have the hands free time when you have a busy toddler/preschooler running around.

  14. My favorite benefits are happy baby and hands free :)

  15. I had my son during the time of “you don’t want to get that close to your baby”, I wish baby wearing had been more popular. I am hoping to convince him when he has his first to do baby wearing.

  16. I love wearing my little guy, and he loves it as well. It is also very helpfull while i try and get stuff done.

  17. I love that your baby is close to you but you can still get things done.

  18. We are still practicing…at 4 years old! :-) Luckily she is a skinny minnie and is 40lbs so I can still carry her in my Ergo. Our next one will definitely be worn too! :-) This time though I have wraps and slings for newborn carrying (something I didn’t have for dd)

  19. Love this post!

  20. I agree completely! Our daughter seems completely in our carrier than in the carseat and stroller. I know I won’t be able to wear her forever so I try to every chance I get to give her the best time when we are out. It warms my heart to know how many ways I am benefiting our daughter by keeping her so snuggled to me : )

  21. I love the idea of baby wearing. I have to take my doggy out for a walk in order to get her to go to the bathroom, so it’s fantastic to be able to take her with me conveniently rather than leave her inside, or carry around a bulky carseat, or even just carry her in my arms and juggle a dog.

    Babywearer for life :)

  22. I’m having my first in 2 months. Can’t wait to use my baby carrier!

  23. Love babywearing! I’m an avid carrier junkie and can’t wait to do so again when the twins come. It makes life so much easier with the kids and it’s so sweet having them close to you. Instant sleepy dust too!

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