Jun 232012
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It has been exceedingly hot here for the last few weeks.  So hot that I keep forgetting that summer has just technically started; for as long as it’s been hot, it feels like fall should be right around the corner.  Today was a little cooler – only mid-80s and not so much humidity – but still relatively hot.

It's hot outside! Thermometer reads 85.

We had spent the morning doing some housework and then running errands which can zap your energy on a regular day.  By the time we returned home, Bubbles had fallen asleep and everyone was ready for some lunch and a break.  I wanted to do something a little special and thought that something cold and creamy would be perfect.  One of hubby’s favorite fast food restaurants is Wendy’s and they have those tasty Frosties!  They sounded like the perfect way to cool down on a Saturday afternoon.

Wendy's Frosty Key Chain - Free Mini Frosty!

Did you know Wendy’s has these cute Frosty key chains?  You pay a dollar for them and then every time you make a purchase and show it at Wendy’s you get a free mini Frosty!  I think it’s an excellent deal.

We usually eat at Wendy’s a couple of times per month.  Their fries had always been the best around, but since they switched to the new Natural Cut they are even better!  And their burgers, of course, are good, too.  For me, I love the fact that I can get things like a baked potato or chili there.  Plus the Frosties, of course!

Wendy's New Strawberry Salad & Strawberry Shortcake Frosty Parfait

Wendy's Red Roasters Coffee & Breakfast Menu

While waiting in line I had the opportunity to read some of the signs around me.  Their new Redhead Roasters coffees and their breakfast menu seem to be the two things they are promoting most right now.  I haven’t tried either yet, though my husband has mentioned a couple of times he’d like to give their Artisan Breakfast Sandwiches a try.  The other new menu item I noticed on the way in were the Strawberry Shortcake Frosty Parfaits.  That sounds very tasty!

Everyone was excited when I returned home with our treats.  Bubbles loves baked potatoes so she dug right into hers.  She was also very interested in the Frosties.  We don’t like her to have a lot of sugar, so she hadn’t tried one before, but today was going to be her day to get to have a taste!

Free Mini Frosty From Wendy's With Key Chain

Remember the key chain for the free mini Frosty?  This is what they look at.  The perfect size for Bubbles – or so she thinks!  (The Frosty does come a little more full than that.  But if you look closely, you can see Bubbles peering up over the edge of the table.  Mama forgot that the little munchkin is getting taller with a better reach, and she had already swiped it off the table and dumped part of it on the floor.)

Wendy's Frosties

Don’t those look cool, creamy & refreshing?  They definitely hit the spot on a hot summer day!  You can check out my Google+ album for even more pictures from my trip to Wendy’s and our yummy Frosties.

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  5 Responses to “Beat The Summer Heat With Wendy’s Frosties!”

  1. mini frosty key chains!!! I have to have one! I didn’t even know they existed!!!

  2. We love Wendys so much! I had no idea that these keychains existed- FUN!!

  3. Love a frosty from Wendys!

  4. OMG I haven’t had a Wendys frosty in YEARS! I think I was 17ish the last time I had one! Craving them now for sure!

  5. Very cool and refreshing!! Especially when it was almost 100 degrees out here the other day!!

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