Feb 072013
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Diamond Candles Giveaway

It’s the Forget Me Nots giveaway event hosted by MamaNYC!  Valentine’s Day is about giving tokens of your affection to those you love. But don’t forget about a little something for yourself – like the chance to win some great prizes.

Here at Views From the ‘Ville one person is going to win a prize within a prize.  The winner will be able to select their favorite scent of Diamond Candles.  The extra prize is that inside of each candle is a ring – potentially worth up to $5000!  You’ll be anxious to dig for the ring, I’m sure, but definitely give yourself time to let the candle burn naturally – their scents are SO good.

Giveaway closed.

What are you hoping to receive for Valentine’s Day?

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About Liza

Liza is a mom and wife living in Louisville whose family includes a toddler, high school junior, and college junior. When she's not doing the Pocoyo dance with her toddler she is either trying out new recipes and craft projects discovered on Pinterest, planning new adventures for her family, shopping on Amazon, or dreaming about Disney.

  137 Responses to “Forget Me Nots Giveaway Event (Closed)”

  1. I’d be happy with a nice card.

  2. I like when I receive beautiful artwork made by my grandchildren so that would be great.

  3. I hope I get some flowers

  4. to have a nice dinner with my hubby

  5. Having dinner at home with my husband.

  6. A dozen long stem red roses and a huge heart shaped box of chocolates!

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  7. I’m just hoping for some time to spend with hubby. Maybe some take-out. Not having to cook is nice!

  8. I’d love some chocolate.

  9. I hope to receive a Pandora charm for my bracelet!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. A clean house

  11. i’m just hoping for a stress free day

  12. i’m just hoping for a nice day.maybe have a nice dinner at home with the hubby and kiddos and not have to do dishes.

  13. I am not expecting anything.

  14. A nice Dinner and plenty of Chocolate!!

  15. A night out would make me happy :)

  16. Someone to do the dishes!

  17. Hoping for a day away from my kids!


  19. Lots of love and hugs from my kiddos which is exactly what I need :-) Thank you for this giveaway.

  20. to have a nice stress free evening with my girlfriend

    groogruxking40 at gmail dot com

  21. Spend time with my family.

  22. I want perfume.

  23. Jewelry

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  24. Hoping for an “Alone” day with hubby for romance!!

  25. I don’t celebrate Valentines day so I am not hoping for anything.

  26. I’m hoping for some good chocolate!

  27. I’d love for my boyfriend to get out of work/school early enough to spend Valentines day together…. it’s also the fifth anniversary of our first date. :)

  28. I’m hoping to just have a nice day…maybe see a movie or doing something fun.

  29. If I could have anything this year, it would be nothing more than a heartfelt ‘thank you,’ since it’s one of the many things DH has difficulty communicating

  30. I am hoping for a delicious steak dinner at home. :)

  31. Homemade valentines from my grandchildren.

  32. I’m hoping for a nice dinner at home and a movie.

  33. Just some quality time with my family!

  34. I am hoping for perfume :)

  35. I’m just hoping for a nice drama-free day..I’m a simple girl.

  36. would love to get some candy and flowers

  37. I’m hoping for a nice gift.

  38. Chocolate!

  39. I’m hoping for some yummy truffles for Valentines!

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  40. I would love a piece of jewelry!

  41. an engagement ring!

  42. Lindor chocolate!

  43. an orchid

  44. A relaxing night with no kids!

  45. a date!

  46. dinner and a movie with my hunnie if im not working

  47. I’m hoping to get some Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates. Thanks.

  48. I am hoping for a ring but would be happy with dinner.

  49. A hot bubble bath alone lol

  50. nice dinner

  51. I already got a wedding ring set, which was what I wanted.

  52. would love a tennis bracelet! but a nice dinner out will be perfect!

  53. I’m hoping for a nice dinner out.

  54. Some nice flowers

  55. I am hoping for flowers and some romance on valentines day

  56. In an ideal world – diamonds! LOL.

  57. I’m hoping for a diamond. 😉

  58. nothing really. although, some dark chocolates would be nice. i guess i could buy myself some candy.

  59. With two little ones, I would just like to sleep in!!! That would be a very romantic gift.

  60. Chocolate and homemade cards from my children.


  61. Since I’m by myself- just me and the pups- I don’t expect anything. Thanks for the great giveaway! :-)

  62. flowers! Thanks :)

  63. I quiet day and enough free time for a bubble bath.

  64. I’d just love a quiet evening at home and snuggle up to watch a movie with my husband!

  65. Dove chocolates! lol

  66. a relaxing night

  67. Flowers and a quiet evening at home.

  68. A quiet dinner out with my husband

  69. Jewelry!

  70. I haven’t even given Valentine’s Day any thought yet!

  71. Relaxing time with my one and only!

  72. super lots of ferrero rocher chocolates :)

  73. quiet time w my husband

  74. go out for a nice dinner

  75. I got my fishing pole so we can go fishing this spring. =D

  76. This bracelet I’ve had my eye on 😉

  77. I’m hoping for some Chinese take out :)

  78. I am hoping for chocolates and hugs and kisses 😉

  79. I’m not wishing for anything this year…I will be working until close to 10pm so it kinda kills the whole night! LOL That’s ok – we’ll make up for it next weekend! 😉

  80. I would love a night away with just my kindle, but instead I’m having pizza, movie and cuddle time with my three grandkids. I’ll take it!

  81. A quiet, relaxing evening

  82. nothing… just another day to me… i’ll totally be hoping to find some discount godiva on the 15th, though 😀

  83. an i-pad

  84. a shopping spree!

  85. Just a nice day with my husband.

  86. A cookie cake that i didn’t have to make myself.

  87. Romantic dinner date with hubby

  88. Spa day

  89. A night alone with my wife would be nice – but we don’t mind sharing the day with our kids – games and movies.

  90. Flowers!


  91. going out for dinner and maybe a movie

  92. I hope (know) I will get perfume! I would hope for more sentimental things, but my husband and I are both working until 10pm that night, and then at 6am the next morning, so all we get this year is sleep :)

  93. I’m hoping for a happy, lovey day.

  94. Those little conversational hearts

  95. To spend a nice night with my boyfriend :)

  96. I’d like the house to be clean, and for someone else to make dinner!

  97. Well i am a chocolate fanatic, so some chocolates and flowers would be nice. Thanks

  98. Just a nice quite night with my husband

  99. Dinner would be nice, but some bath salts and a candle would be nice too. :)

  100. nice dinner with hubby

  101. I’d personally just like something handmade and personal. Honest!

  102. I hope I feel better and can enjoy with my family!

  103. I just want to take a bubble bath and enjoy the peace and quiet. But I’m guessing that won’t happen. If there’s not a child interrupting my “me” time, there’s a critter – the cats like to walk around the edge of the tub and force me to pet them and the dog likes to drink the bath water. Ugh.

  104. I am hoping for a Kindle for Valentine’s Day!

  105. The only thing that I’m hoping for on Valentines Day is a supper cooked for me lol

  106. roses!

  107. Chocolate and a kiss – maybe some homemade valentine’s from the kids and my hubby.

  108. I am looking forward to come quality time and just some words of love will make me happy.

  109. a day of no cleaning

  110. I am looking forward to getting dressed up and going out to eat

  111. Just to be with my family.

  112. I would be real happy if I get chocolate and coffee

  113. I’m hoping for flowers

  114. some chocolate covered strawberries

  115. necklace I’ve had my eyes on

  116. Peace!

  117. Hoping for a dinner that I don’t have to inhale because the kids are being kids!

  118. I’m hoping for a nice dinner (with drinks) with my husband.

  119. For my kids to go to sleep early :)

  120. wishing hubby was home

  121. honestly I dont want anything I only hope my family is together!!!

  122. I am hoping for a night alone with my husband for a nice dinner :)

  123. I’d like to have some chocolate covered strawberries.

  124. I’m hoping for a basketball goal!!

  125. Nothin really..Spening time with my 3 little boys is all i need! :)
    Thank you!

  126. I just want to be able to watch Grey’s Anatomy in peace!

  127. A romantic dinner!
    Thanks for the chance!

  128. Dinner out with my hubby

  129. I want flowers!

  130. Flowers & candy

  131. Just the day with my family :)

  132. I’m hoping for a surprise gift

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