Dec 132012
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Win $50 In Amazon Gift Cards!

Win Amazon Gift Cards in the #HoppinHoliday Giveaway Event

The holidays have us all hoppin’ trying to finish our shopping, menu planning, events and more.  Maybe some Amazon gift cards would help soothe those frazzled nerves?  MamaNYC is hosting the Hoppin’ For the Holidays Giveaway Hop to bring you the chance to win these and other prizes.

Here at Views From the ‘Ville two winners will each win a $25 Amazon gift card ($50 total) courtesy of FamilyDen.  Giveaway closed.

What would you buy with your gift card if you win the giveaway?

This giveaway is sponsored solely by FamilyDen.

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About Liza

Liza is a mom and wife living in Louisville whose family includes a toddler, high school junior, and college junior. When she's not doing the Pocoyo dance with her toddler she is either trying out new recipes and craft projects discovered on Pinterest, planning new adventures for her family, shopping on Amazon, or dreaming about Disney.

  149 Responses to “Hoppin’ For The Holidays – Win Amazon Gift Cards!”

  1. i would buy a kindle fire case for my daughter

  2. I would probably purchase my grandson a pair of slippers.

  3. I would use towards a Kindle Fire

  4. I would get books

  5. I would like to put it toward a laptop, but I’d probably wind up buying some movies or books. LOL.

  6. I would get a few makeup items

  7. I would put it toward an Ergo for a our new baby coming in Frebruary!

  8. I’d buy dvds

  9. I would buy some new books for my daughter.

  10. I would put it towards a Kindle Fire

  11. I would save it for something big

  12. I would purchase pajamas for my kids.

  13. I’d buy books, CD’s, & DVD’s :)

  14. I would buy books

  15. a book

  16. I would probably buy health/beauty products. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. it would probably go towards christmas gifts – or leftover gifts i decided i want for me :)

  18. need new pillows

  19. I would probably buy my Baby Girl something :-)

  20. There are a couple of books I’d like to get.

  21. I would buy workout dvds for my new years resolution

  22. I would buy groceries for Christmas dinner.

  23. I would like to get the first season of Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye on DVD.

  24. I would get books

  25. I would save it to use for birthday presents for my kids

  26. presents for my family!

  27. If I was lucky enough to win one of the gift cards, I would spend it on dog treats and toys. Thanks for the giveaway! :-)

  28. I’d purchase some makeup that I like that is no longer available in stores.

  29. I would get a dvd for my husband

  30. I would put it towards a ipod, to replace my sons broken one.

  31. What a great giveaway! Would use the GC to buy the next season of CSI Miami. My daughter and I are on a CSI Miami marathon. 2 seasons to go!

  32. If I won, I would buy a wireless mouse for my laptop

  33. I would use it for books.

  34. I’m saving up for a laptop

  35. I want to buy a fire extinguisher… the one in a can by first alert

  36. I’d buy my favorite coffee – Turtle Sundae & White Russian!
    Thank you.

  37. I’d purchase some Tassimo coffee discs. Thanks.

  38. I would probably use it to buy my sister’s birthday present, not sure what it will be, but most likely something she can use when she starts college next year!

  39. I’ get some after Christmas sales

  40. Doogie Howzer TV show DVDs & books :)

  41. I would buy books for my Kindle.

  42. Put it toward a solar cover for our kindle

  43. I might use it for a new pair of shoes. A couple of the pairs I have now are getting pretty worn.

  44. I would use to buy a LCD screen to replace the cracked screen of my laptop.

  45. i’d get ebooks for my kindle

  46. I’d buy Scrubs DVDs

  47. I’d get my son’s Christmas Stocking

  48. Warm fuzzy slippers for winter!

  49. I would purchase something new to wear for the holidays. Thanks!

  50. It would go towards a new reel for my son for his fishing pole

  51. Books from my TBR list! =)

  52. Can’t decide between choose your own adventure books for my grandkids and Indiana Jones dvd for my husband.

  53. I would use it toward something we need for the house like a cutting board.

  54. My favorite feature of My Family Den is that it’s shareable!

  55. And I would buy a portable battery charger for my car :) I’ve been eyeing a few!

  56. I would buy DVDs

  57. I would get a good deal on diapers on amazon!

  58. Books for my sons

  59. deep massage foam roller

  60. I would use the gift card toward my subscribe and save cat food order.

  61. I’d probably buy some books

  62. kindle fire case

  63. School books for college.

  64. I would probably put it toward buying textbooks.

  65. I would purchase a few last minute items before our baby arrives.

  66. I am saving up for a really nice blender/juicer

  67. i would probably save it until i have enough to get a sewing machine

  68. put it toward a digital camera

  69. I’ll put it toward an Amazon Fire.
    Thanks for the contest.

  70. a train for my son

  71. I would use it for makeup!

  72. I’d probably get a book! :)

  73. I would use it for kitchen spices

  74. I’d pick up “Moonrise Kingdom” on blu-ray from Amazon.

  75. I would add it to my account. I’m trying to save up for an iPad. I don’t own a tablet of any sort and I would really like one.

  76. I would get some books!

  77. I would buy new books

  78. Thank you for the giveaway. If I won, I’d save the gift card for my son’s birthday gift.

  79. I’m saving up to buy my best friend a Kindle, so this would go in the pot.

  80. I would buy something for myself.

  81. love the amazon!

  82. I would put it towards new things for our LO on the way!

  83. I would use it to get a printer

  84. I’d get some books

  85. I would buy some ebooks.

  86. I’d get some PB2

  87. Id buy an ipad2 case.

  88. some jewleryy (:

  89. It’s time to shop for me and after holiday sales are awesome! I’d get a book and CD I really want.

  90. I would get a new outfit

  91. I would use it for a winter jacket for my son

  92. I want to get my daughter a book and I would get myself something too.

  93. Toy for my daughter:)

  94. There’s always things to be buying from Amazon! I’m needing to buy some new lithium batteries for my camera (Amazon has the best price on them), and I’d also like to buy a new book for the family. Thanks!!!

  95. I am trying to earn enough amazon gift cards to get a kindle. thanks :)

  96. I’d try to save it for something big.

  97. a kindle case

  98. textbooks for my spring semester

  99. I would buy a birthday present.

  100. I would buy some books for my Kindle and the rest I’d let sit there until I needed something! LOL

  101. I would put it towards my parents’ anniversary gift
    thank you

  102. I’d put it towards a new camera
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  103. I would buy a few books.

  104. I’d use it to help buy a soda stream.

  105. I would buy some ebooks

  106. carpet cleaner

  107. I would save it for a good deal.

  108. Some new baby supplies.

  109. I would get some new clothes!

    jessicaahays at

  110. I would finally get my daughter the brave little toaster on DVD!

  111. I’d buy a DVD

  112. I would get something for my kitchen.

  113. I would buy a new eyeshadow set; I am bored with my colors!

  114. I would purchase a “late” Christmas gift for my husband, as I did not have any money to buy him a gift yet.

  115. I would buy a new camera mine just died

  116. books or movies

  117. I’d put it towards another Crib Mattress, we need one for the new baby coming in a few weeks :)

  118. I would buy books

  119. I would buy a set of bath towels and some pet supplies.

  120. It would go towards my daughter’s spring textbooks.

  121. I would purchase new fuzzy socks

  122. Books for my kindle

  123. I’d put it towards a new digital camera

  124. dance stuff for my daughter

  125. I would buy books.

  126. Something for my son’s upcoming birthday!

  127. something boring like diapers or formula

  128. I’d get books and/or dvds

  129. I would love to buy a book. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  130. i would save it towards a new laptop

  131. I would buy some movies and books we want to read and watch

  132. A book . Merry christmas to me.

  133. i’m saving every little piece of an amazon code i can get for a new laptop

  134. I would put it towards a hand vac or some new books. thank you!

  135. I would add it to the fund I’m working on for a new camera.

  136. I’m not sure just yet what I would purchase, but I can almost guarantee it would be a birthday gift for one of my 12 family members that have birthdays in January and February!

  137. I would purchase CDs.

  138. I’d say Kindle games are the biggest request right now!

  139. A sweater for my sisters birthday and a dvd for my nieces birthday

  140. Definitely textbooks

  141. Put it toward a solar cover for our kindle

  142. It’d go towards textbooks for my next semester

  143. I would purchase kindle books

  144. I would purchase some new books to read over the winter with the gift card.

  145. I’d find myself a new wallet!

  146. Some good books I’ve been wanting to purchase!

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