Dec 032012
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Welcome to Crazy Christmas Giveaway Hop hosted by GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!! and Planet Weidknecht.  Recently I shared with you the new organizational tools from FamilyDen.  To celebrate their official launch, they’d like to give three winners EACH a $25 Amazon gift card!  After you enter to win these great gift cards, visit all the rest of the Crazy Christmas bloggers for more chances to win great prizes valued at $25 or more.

FamilyDen Wants You To Win: Crazy Christmas Giveaway

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Giveaway closed.

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About Liza

Liza is a mom and wife living in Louisville whose family includes a toddler, high school junior, and college junior. When she's not doing the Pocoyo dance with her toddler she is either trying out new recipes and craft projects discovered on Pinterest, planning new adventures for her family, shopping on Amazon, or dreaming about Disney.

  85 Responses to “Amazon Gift Cards Giveaway ($75!) Crazy Christmas Hop (closed)”

  1. An iPad

  2. an iPad

  3. Thank Family Den for me :) So sweet of them – and me? Who doesn’t love Amazon. I have my fingers crossed because – practical me – there’s a Black & Decker smart battery charger I really want!

  4. I would really like a Kindle!

  5. I’m wishing for a new sewing machine. One with embroidery functions.

  6. A digital camera.

  7. I only have 1 item on my Christmas wish list: a bag from Maggie Bags. Any style, any color.

  8. HD TV!!

  9. a digital camera : )

  10. I want a SodaStream!

  11. diamond earrings!

  12. Peace and quiet!

  13. A new Laptop

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. I’d love an ipad

  15. Laptop

  16. I would really like an antique hand crank sewing machine.

  17. iPod Touch is on mine.

  18. I’d like some holiday movies.

  19. iPod Nano!

  20. I really want a new phone. Mine is a dinosaur

  21. New bedding is at the top of my list.

  22. A brown v-neck sweater

  23. I’ve been wanting a laptop for a long time.

  24. A new Dyson vacuum cleaner!

  25. For me to be able to give my kids more than one present this year. We are broke this year so can’t afford presents.

  26. I would love an iPad Mini for Christmas

  27. I keep hoping for a Kitchen Aid stand mixer to appear under the tree!

  28. I want a footprint necklace.

  29. An ipad

  30. I want a circut machine for my scrapping

  31. I want a Stangl cardinal figurine – thank you!

  32. a sewing machine

  33. a carpet cleaner

  34. would love a new printer

  35. At the top of my wishlist: a new camera.

  36. A treadmill

  37. A new laptop with 4g of memory and Windows 8 is at the top of my wish list for Christmas.

  38. A 12″ stainless steel frying pan!

  39. I want a keruig

  40. would love a kindle

  41. I’d love for my family to come and visit! that would be the greatest gift ever :)

  42. I would like a new Crock Pot.

  43. ipad

  44. I’d like some new Jazz CD’s.

  45. Lots of chocolate!

  46. I could use a new couch.

  47. I would love a Nook

  48. A new oven!

  49. I would love a kindle

  50. an ipad or kindle

  51. I want a pair of Justin Boots!

  52. I’d love an iPad!

  53. I would like a Ninja Cooking System.

  54. The adults in our family don’t get gifts but if we did I would ask for some new tops. thank you!!

  55. A flat screen TV for my bedroom. We have the old fashioned big boxy ones that never die. I can’t figure out how to work the remote control. Since it’s so old the remote is all complicated with the Directv

  56. I really want new couches.

  57. I’d love a laptop!

  58. I’m hoping for the new kindle fire

  59. A groovy ipad

  60. Kindle Fire HD

  61. an ipad is at the top of my list. :)

  62. I would like a Kindle fire!

  63. I need new work clothes. Lame, I know. :)

  64. Himalayan Salt Lamp, they’re so pretty.

  65. Cash to help pay my bills

  66. Definitely a laptop!

  67. besides time with loved ones, some shopping money would be nice

  68. My wish is for the kids and hubby to be happy, I have no other wants

  69. The top thing that I am actually liable to receive is a SodaStream.

  70. I wanted a Roku but I couldn’t wait for Christmas so I got it early. That’s really all I wanted.

  71. I would really like a new laptop for Christmas

  72. #1 on my wishlist this year is a Wacom Intuit Graphics tablet.

  73. I want an Ipad

  74. An air popper for all the pop corn I eat! A new TV would be nice too!
    Thank You!

  75. I really want a SodaStream!

  76. I’d love a kindle

  77. I want a new laptop

  78. The Gilmore Girls complete series DVD set!!

  79. a new camera =)

  80. At the top of my list is a New dishwasher.

  81. A tablet

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  82. I’d love an iPad.

  83. i would love an ipad!

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