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I’ve always been interested in yoga; I haven’t taken any actual classes, but I did try and follow along to a tv show a handful of times when I was younger.  Yoga is often billed as being great for stress relief, increased flexibility, and better sleeping patterns.  It’s that last benefit that has always most piqued my attention, as I’ve had sleep issues since college.  Baby C. has also seemed to inherit some of those sleeping issues, so when I was introduced to the Yawning Yoga book I definitely was interested.  Yawning Yoga is a yoga book for kids and is written to promote more restful sleep when used as part of your child’s bedtime routine.

Yawning Yoga: Yoga Book For Kids

The book is written by Laurie Jordan who is a New York-based yoga instructor with her own private practice and years of experience working with people of all ages.  She created Little Sprouts Yoga for kids and is the Director of Kids Programming at Kaia Yoga. Some of the moves in the book are obviously a little advanced for Baby C.; she is, after all, just a year old.  But she loves to dance and mimic movement, so some of the moves are doable.  For example, the first suggested pose is called “Greet the Moon!” and involves reaching way up into the air, then bending over and putting your head to the ground.  Baby C. is a pro at this one (she loves looking at the world upside-down through her feet). I think parents may enjoy adding this to their kids’ bedtime routines.  Anything to help quiet the mind is worth trying in my opinion, especially if your children have sleep issues.  You can follow Yawning Yoga on Twitter and like them on Facebookto stay up-to-date on specials and news.

Where to Buy:

You can purchase the hardcover Yawning Yoga book from Amazon (it’s also available for the Kindle and Nook).

I received a copy of the book in order to facilitate my review.   No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% that of myself and my family.

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Liza is a mom and wife living in Louisville whose family includes a toddler, high school junior, and college junior. When she's not doing the Pocoyo dance with her toddler she is either trying out new recipes and craft projects discovered on Pinterest, planning new adventures for her family, shopping on Amazon, or dreaming about Disney.

  3 Responses to “Yawning Yoga Book Review: A Bedtime Yoga Book For Kids #BabyBdayBash”

  1. I’ve always had issues getting to sleep. I’ve tried just about everything, but never thought about yoga. I’ll have to pick this book up for my youngest (5 going on 30) and I. Hopefully we will both get to bed before 11!!!

  2. How interesting, I have always been interested in yoga too, I knew it was great for flexibility and stress, but never correlated it being good for sleep patterns. It makes sense tho, remove the stresses, relax, and you would be able to sleep better! Great post!

  3. I love it! I will check this out for my future grandchildren.

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