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One of the latest BzzCampaigns that I was invited to participate in was one for a new service called Cellphone Postcards.  Cellphone Postcards lets you snap a picture with your cellphone, send it to them with a message and the name of whom you’d like to receive it, and they will print it as a personalized glossy postcard and mail it for you.  I immediately thought how cool that could be if you were on vacation and wanted to snap a pic of the family or a great scenic view and share it with those back home.
You don’t need a smartphone or any special app on your phone to use the service.  You just text your picture to 77468 (it spells PRINT) with the message and the name of the person you’re sending it to, and you’re done!  The only setup that you really need to do is to take a few minutes to add the names and addresses to your address book on the Cellphone Postcards website.  You can even add shortcut names to cut down on the typing time – like just using “Mom” to send it to your mother.  The site recognizes it and pulls out the correct name and address from your address book and sends it off.  If you don’t want to (or can’t) send pictures from your phone, you can also do it right online at their website.
I of course wanted to test out the service for myself before I shared with you all.  So I took a picture of my Christmas tree and sent it to my Mom (being over 1000 miles away, she appreciates any pictures or mail I send).  First I added a message to the picture; the message is what will be printed on the postcard.  At the end of my message I added a # followed by the shortcut I had created in my address book (so in this case, it looked like #Mom).  Then I just sent the picture to 77468 and I was done!
Signing up for Cellphone Postcards is free and there is no credit card required.  And right now when you sign up, they will give you 10 FREE postcards to try out their service.  After you use your free ones, they are just 99 cents each.  Considering it’s a high-quality glossy print of your own, personalized with your message, then mailed for you – including postage – I think 99 cents is pretty reasonable.  It costs about that much to buy and stamp generic postcards, and they’re not nearly as cute!
If you’d like to see a little more about what Cellphone Postcards can do, how to send a postcard from your phone and how to send a postcard from their website, you can check out their videos.

I’m a BzzAgent, but all opinions are 100% mine.  I received no type of compensation for this post.

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