Jul 142018

Staying organized can be difficult no matter the time of year. But it feels like summer organization brings its own set of challenges.

5 summer organization tips for kids

You are likely off your normal routine, bedtimes change, kids are spending more time in the house which means more messes created. And when there’s a choice between playing and making s’mores or cleaning, well…even I wouldn’t choose cleaning. Continue reading »

Jun 272018

Everyone needs a little downtime, and kiddos on summer break are no different. So we took today to just chill and spend the day at home. But that didn’t mean we couldn’t still sneak a little dino-themed fun into the day.

10 Dinosaur Books your kiddos will love! Our favorites include chapter books, fact books, cute stories & more.

While hubs and I did a little prep work for the kids visit next week, Bubbles grabbed a stack of her favorite dinosaur books and curled up on the couch. Continue reading »

Jun 262018

In case you missed yesterday’s post, we are focusing on dinosaur fun around here this week. We kicked off with a dino-themed dessert recipe, and for our second day of all things dino, I planned a DIY activity – Jurassic Fossil Dough.

Jurassic Fossil Dough recipe - this easy dough recipe is perfect for creating dinosaur fossils, letting kids dig for buried treasure, and more!

One thing I love about this fossil dough recipe is that it requires only three kid-safe ingredients – flour, salt, and brewed coffee with the grounds. Make a little extra coffee and enjoy a cup for yourself while you watch the kiddos play. Continue reading »

Jun 252018

I love themed activities. Which is probably no secret if you’ve read my blog for any length of time. DIY projects and recipes centered around holidays, movies, and more is my jam.

Jurassic Dirt Pudding Cups - this dino-themed dirt pudding cups recipe is perfect for a dinosaur birthday party or just a fun treat for the kiddos!

So with this being Bubbles’ second full week of summer vacation, I thought it was time for a theme week, and the easy choice was dinosaurs. She is minorly obsessed with all things dino, and with the new Jurassic World movie in theaters, the timing was perfect. Continue reading »

May 302018

Earlier this week, Bubbles and I were discussing Father’s Day and what we’d like to do to surprise Daddy. The conversation definitely put the “Father’s Day buzz” in her ear, because at bedtime that night, she asked if we could read one of the kids books on Father’s Day that we have.

Father's Day Books for Kids

It made me realize that while I had shared a list of Mother’s Day books for kids, that I hadn’t ever shared any of our favorite Father’s Day books. And Father’s Day is just as important as Mother’s Day, so I thought it was time to rectify the situation. Continue reading »